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What we do

Australians are choosing to purchase more and more Electric Vehicles (EVs), as car selection & choices increase, technology improves, and prices fall. In 2022 we saw ownership of an electric vehicle become equal to the running costs of a petrol or diesel car. With a further  22 new EV car launches in 2023, the choice for consumers is rapidly increasing at all price points.

We are building the smartest, fastest, and most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle, all underpinned by the most comprehensive charge point management infrastructure in the market today. We have simplified the way you can charge your car, as a member you just pull up, plug-in and charge.
Multi-dwelling Apartments & EV charging

With over 6 million people living in Strata style homes, we have developed a solution for multi-dwelling apartments - it is unique in its approach and doesn't cost as much as people imagine. We offer solutions for all buildings, old, new, or consultancy advice in the development phase.  Our expert advisors can help you choose the best EV solution for you. Evion has you covered.


Get in touch for a free consultation and a solution suitable for you.

Commercial EV charging

As Australia no longer manufactures cars, we will receive what the global manufacturers produce, regardless of government policy or incentives. With an additional 22 new model EV launches in the Australian market in 2023, your customers are more able to access an EV that suits them.

Over 66% of Australians will be driving electric cars within the next ten years.

Overseas operators like you are finding that providing EV Charging stations; customers are typically spending 20-30 minutes, are providing revenue from charging and in-store purchase at cafes, etc. As customers are onsite longer, they often spend more.

Why not speak to us for some information on your use case and how your site could benefit

Public sector and street EV charging solutions

We are experts in providing high-quality public electric car charging stations to public sector organisations in the UK, and we are working with the public sector in Australia. We specialise in assisting public sector organisations in finding the right solution and avoiding costly mistakes in electric vehicle charging systems.


Evion is an ideal solution for installing new and existing car parking and street parking environments. There are hundreds and thousands of streetlights throughout Australia, many of which have sufficient electricity to be upgraded to provide electric vehicle charging. Evion Street is an affordable, versatile product with a multitude of benefits. It can come in free-to-use and key switch controlled versions.


Backed by our expert service, your public charging station is in great hands. Because we are hardware agnostic, we can provide you with all the market options and recommend the best solution for your use-case.

Get in touch to find out more.

Workplace EV charging

More and more employers provide transport-based amenities to their employees and visitors alike, from bike racks, showers, and now EV Charge points.


It's another amenity that will allow you to provide convenience and value to existing and new employees. It all forms part of your employer branding.

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Consultancy in your EV charging journey

If you are just thinking about how you can provide EV Charging to your sites, we have amassed a great deal of knowledge from overseas where adoption of EVs is much higher to application in the Australian market.


If you want to discuss your thoughts and gain access and how others have successfully implemented EV charging get in touch.

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