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EV drivers

We are building the smartest, fastest, and most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle, all underpinned by the most comprehensive charge point management infrastructure in the market today. We have simplified how you can charge your car; as a member, you pull up, plugin and charge. 


We want to take the range anxiety out of EV ownership without you ever thinking about it. Our business is about the convenience of destination charging for your Electric Vehicle. Whether you are going to work, shopping, or visiting your golf club, marina, or other leisure activity, we will be there for you to fast charge your EV while you work, shop or play.


And while long-distance driving is not something most people do every day, you will find an increasing number of our fast chargers on the routes you use.

As Australia no longer manufactures cars, we will receive what the global manufacturers produce,
regardless of government policy or incentives. With a further 22 new model EV launches in the Australian
market in 2023, there is sure to be a model for you across the price spectrum.


Australia is moving towards EV ownership 66% of car buyers will consider their next car to be an EV, and with the cost of buying and owning an EV reaching parity, cheaper EVs like the Tesla Model 3 and new launches in this and coming years from MG, Hyundai, and Kia further reducing the cost of the initial purchase.


On our network of smart chargers based on a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, with 20% battery remaining, the cost of charging it to 80% would be $11.60* and take 4hrs 20 minutes. They are fast and affordable. *Tariff 40c kWh on a 22kHw charger. Our DC Chargers can provide the same charge in a fraction of the time.


The same charge would take 13 Hours 53 minutes on a typical home charger and cost $13 based on the average cost of 39c kWh cost.


So, time, cost or both it is more convenient to charge with us.


The EVION mobile application for Android and iOS ensures an outstanding experience for you. Our App is intuitive and well-designed. It truly delivers a fantastic user experience. You can locate available chargers, book; it will notify you when your session is approaching completion.


Most hosts will allow a grace period, but if your plans change and you can't return to your car, you can simply pay a small parking fee, and the charger will remain in use to the rest of the community.

We accept payments from PayPal and all major credit card companies; you can then generate receipts and reports.

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