EV site owners

If you are a site owner, such a shopping centre, public car park, council street parking, workplaces & service stations are all.


EV charging points. It is an excellent initiative for you to meet the growing demand in Australia and that you are future-read and can provide an additional income stream.
As a site owner, such as a shopping centre, public car park, council, workplace, or service stations, it is a great time to be installing EV charging points.


You will be meeting the growing demand for EV charging points in Australia and benefit from the transition to Electric Vehicles. 66% of Australians will be driving electric cars within the next ten years. (New electric vehicles coming to Australia in 2021, 2020)


Moreover, 56% of Australians would consider an electric car when they next buy a car. (Readfearn, 2020) In early 2020, electric vehicle registrations nearly doubled the registrations of the previous year, showing the rapidly increasing popularity of electric
vehicles in Australia (Electric vehicle registrations almost double, 2020)


As a site owner, you have access to a full reporting suite that allows you to see all the chargers in your network; set tariffs, see outages (we monitor hardware and fix as necessary), you can see your members. For example, you can provide discounts at your site for free charging sessions.

Employees who need to provide reporting can easily be accessed.